Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mommy and Me

It’s almost been two weeks already since I had to say bye to my mom :(   She took advantage of her thanksgiving break and visited me here in Palma!  (I know, I know Im spoiled for having such an amazing mom, but you don’t even know the half of it!)  Not only did she show up with an extra full sized suitcase filled with my winter clothes and other goodies that I requested, but during her week here she insisted on taking me shopping and forced me (yes I resisted for a whole 2 minutes) to buy an amazing pair of black leather boots.

But besides for being muy mimada, mom and I really did have a great time together.  Her first day here we took an old wooden train out to the town of Soller, and enjoyed the picturesque views of the mountain villages and the marina. 

The next three days I brought her to work with me and incorporated her into my lesson plan.  I had my older students practice talking about likes and dislikes in the past, present and future, so they bombared Mom with questions about things that she liked when she was little, things that she likes to do now, and what she would like to do in the future.  Mom was really a great sport, especially since most of the questions had to do with Spanish food that she had never tried (ie. “Do you like pa amb oli???”).   Since my younger students can't understand whole sentences in english yet, we drew family trees and learned the members of the family--ie) hermana is sister.

These pictures are taken from a cliff that is about a five minute walk away from the school.

Rather than take my mom to boring museums or monuments I tried my hardest to introduce her to the very best of what Spain has to offer—the desserts, coffee, wine and tapas!   From the time we woke up till about 930 at night we fueled our bodies for hours of walking with at least three cups of coffee and an array of pasteries like ensaimadas (a light round crossiant like dessert that is dusted with powder, and achieves its signature puffiness with the help of a whole lot of pork lard, which I didn’t tell my mom until her last day here).
Check out exhibit A, B, and C of Mom enjoying the cafe con leche...

For thanksgiving Mom and I went to Barcelona and tried to see as much as the city as we could in a day and a half (due to our haste we forgot to take pics! But just trust that we were indeed there and had a great time).  We went to the Picasso Museum, which I highly recommend if you ever make the trip to Barcelona, the Santa Maria Church, the Cathedral (although I still think that Palma’s Cathedral is way better!), Barcelona’s huge outdoor market, and Las Ramblas.
Mom, thank you for an amazing visit!  Te echo de menos!!!

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  1. Si señorita eres muy mimada. Glad to see "dat yous broads" had such a great week. It was like "Thelma and Lil' Louise."
    Te extraño mucho.