Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Cala Figuera (My first Mallorcan beach day!)

Now I can say with confidence that the Mallorca shown in the tourist guides actually does exist!  On Sunday I went to Cala Figuera, which is one of the Island's many beaches.  First we walked through a little boating town on the water (where I am determined to buy a house sometime in my life), and then we went to the beach area.

                                                                                  My future house (the one with the green doors of course)!!! If you look really close you can see an old man painting on the second balcony...I really can't think of a better way to spend retirement than that.


  1. Wow, again... so gorgeous!!!

    You posted another double though (the picture of your future home), so I think you need to replace it with 4 new ones ;)

  2. Shit why do I keep on doing that!! ok ill post two instead--we have to compromise here, otherwise this blog will just turn into a free-for-all!