Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"Me llamo Queso!"

Recently I have been accused (by my friend Ian) of: 1) ether having nothing to blog about….or 2) Having so many things to blog about that I don’t have time to blog. Fortunately for me I would have to agree with choice number 2. For example, over this weekend I was visited by Hannah Singer—my friend from Brown and one of the coolest people I know.
Hannah arrived in Palma—from Ireland where she is studying this semester—on Thursday night at 1am. Feeling pressure to show her the highlights of Palma in two days, we were sure not to waste any time on stupid things like sleep or sitting down to eat at a restaurant. Instead we took advantage of Palma’s amazing cafes and had various combinations of coffee, pastries, chocolate, and ice cream. I also introduced Hannah to Spain’s large selection of 1-2 euro bottles of wine, and tapas with cheese, bread and tomato…Hannah loved this so much that upon one bite of pa amb oli she exclaimed to my friends “Me amo queso!” This slight error to what should have been “Yo amo queso!” or “I love cheese” sounded more like “Me llamo queso!” or “My name is cheese!”, which resulted in Hannah being called “cheese” for the rest of the night (mostly by me! lol, I love you Hannah!). But even despite the occasional teasing, Hannah was a great sport and was up for doing practically anything that people “typically” do during the weekend here in Palma. Needless to say my friends and I took Hannah to a party on Friday night until 4am and then the next night we left the clubs at 5:30am and sent her straight to the airport to make her 7am flight.
Below are some pictures from a picnic that Hannah and I had on the beach!


  1. LOL...I was just wondering what would be your Mom's name if she did the same thing. Hmmm...
    She'll be there soon!

  2. I miss yoooooou!!! Take me back Olivia...

    Necesito mas queso, por favor