Monday, September 21, 2009

Free Wine

Today we had lunch at one of the few places in Palma that are open on a Sunday. It is called La Cuchara (Spoon), and the food was delicious. There was one thing, though, that really bothered us…my dad ordered a glass of wine and it didn’t show up on the bill. “Well hell if I knew that I would have order wine, not stupid water,” I told my dad. He agreed saying that he would have definitely had a second glass and then remembered when he was in another restaurant in Tarragona and ordered a bottle of wine that didn’t show up on the bill either. “I wonder if all the wine is free in Spain?my dad asked. My dad decided that he would ask the lady who works at the hotel and see what she thought of the free wine situation.
Before we made it back to the hotel it dawned on my dad that he and I ordered the meal of the day and Elizabeth did not. Finally he remembered that the waiter actually didn’t charge him for my water either, only for Elizabeth’s water, so the drink must have been included in the meal of the day. Sadly all of my dreams of surviving on nothing but free wine and free bread dwindled in a matter of seconds, but when I thought of how the lady at the hotel would have reacted when we asked her if all the wine in Spain was free I was pretty happy that my dad figured it out before we made fools out of ourselves.


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  2. Hahaha, aww that's a shame...I would have loved to hear the alternate ending of this story, that is if Papa Ildefonso hadn't realized why you had gotten the free wine :P

  3. Olivia I miss you!! I am so happy that you are enjoying Spain so far! And your roommates sound great! Not as great, though, as some other certain roommates that you have had in the past...

    Anyways I look forwarded to reading all about Spain so keep posting. And add pictures too!!


    ps bummer about the not-free wine

  4. Mom gave me your address. I have a weeks vacation when your Mom is visiting Spain so I might be able to help her in the office. Hope you're settled in and your phone is up and working.