Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Today we were walking by the water, admiring the beautiful Catedral de Palma when a guy walks right up to my dad and angrily yells, “Hamburguesa! Fuck you!” Before my dad could even process that the man was talking to him he had already stormed away.

We figured this could have only happened for 2 reasons: 1) ether the guy was drunk/crazy and desperately wanted a hamburger (very unlikely since he only did that to my dad) or 2) he hated the US/and or George Bush and was mad that my dad was wearing a shirt that said "Texas." So in case you don’t want random people shouting obscenities to you when you visit Palma try not to wear anything that suggests you're from the US. Apparently the hatred for our former president runs deep in Spain.


  1. hahaha insanities...or obscenities?!

    ...although the guy was most likely insane.

  2. AY! I don't really understand the connection between Texas, hamburgers, and George Bush...but everything else sounds great! Post lots of pictures!!


  3. Poods thats what happens when i rush to blog in less than 3 minutes. thanks for being my proof-reader extraordinaire :)

  4. Hey Anne,I miss you! I added an extra sentence to clear up the hamburger/texas/george bush connection...but if you were just kidding then you can ignore it!

  5. yeah we Texans are quite proud of our hamburguesas... they are just so good, so it was probably a jealousy thing to be honest.

  6. Mark says the guy was probably a vegan.

    Makes sense.

    Miss you Livy!!