Friday, September 25, 2009

Spain can't handle this!

Today I managed to blow out the fuse for our entire apartment for the second time. When it happened the first time my computer speakers were plugged in… I’m pretty sure they’re dead now. Then later that day I plugged my computer into the same outlet and it didn’t blow the fuse, but instead started smoking. It took me a good 5 minutes to realize where the burning smell was coming from. Today I put my computer into a different outlet and once again we found ourselves sitting in complete darkness. Since I’m sure my housemates aren’t thrilled about living like Amish people I’m going to add this to the list of things I need to figure out. If you have any solutions let me know!


  1. Are you using a wattage converter and surge protector?

    That's what Al-Amin would've asked. As for me, w/3

  2. anne says use your mini. i say stop blow drying your hair while blasting music from your ghettoblaster, grilling patties on your george foreman, and checking your email on your computer and your phone at the same time. duhh.

  3. Que gracioso! This time I only had one thing plugged in :P but yeah you know me and how I always have to grill patties and straighten my hair simultaneously.
    So yeah I've just been using my mini instead. Although it would be nice to get my music off of the big computer.

    And Will, I know it definitely is a surge protector and I would imagine that it is converts the wattage as well since it is an adapter. Is there a difference?

  4. You probably don't need a transformer for most devices (computer chargers, cell-phone chargers, etc) should be able to handle either 110 or 220V. If you are using a transformer (especially if its a cheap one), don't plug in a surge protector or anything with surge protection (such as a blow dryer). I'm not sure about Spain, but some of the European power outlets don't have polarity and that can cause higher than expected voltages to go through certain components of your surge protection circuitry causing a short and ultimately a blow fuse :(