Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sí sí hablo inglés

Today one of my housemates asked me how to say in English the thing that we use to wash the floors. “Oh that’s a mop,” I said, adding “and that’s a dust pan.” Then she asked what the thing next to the dust pan was. I couldn’t remember the name of it for the life of me! “Oh my god, am I forgetting English already???” I asked myself. My roommate made fun of me and said that by the end of the nine months here someone will have to teach me English. Fearing that there was some truth to that I started thinking constantly about what that stupid thing was called. About 4 hours later, when I was riding the bus, I finally remembered. I rushed home to tell my roommate and as soon as I walked through the door I exclaimed, “¡Me acuerdo, me acuerdo! IT’S A BROOM!!!¨
Right now I´m really starting to feel bad for the kids I´m going to be teaching…

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  1. Hahahaha...very funny Poodsy! But you need to put up more photos!!! It makes these entries more personable (I'm sorry, but it's true). For example, this post would be much better with a picture of the broom and/or dustpan.

    But otherwise, good blogging! :P