Saturday, September 26, 2009

Spanish(ish) Party

Last night I went to my first Spanish fiesta! (And no I don’t have any pictures from it! Lo siento!) It was a birthday party for one of my housemate’s friends. Although it was soooo much fun I have to admit that it wasn’t a typical Spanish party because no one there was from Spain. There were people from Peru, Brazil, Venezuela, Bulgaria, Colombia, Honduras, Thailand, France, and of course me as the sole representative for Los Estados Unidos. I was also the baby of the group (everyone there was at least 26-27) but they still treated me the same and were super nice.

I was only there for the first 2 parts of the party, which lasted from 10pm-215am and consisted of eating dinner and dessert, drinking, and dancing (mostly to salsa music, I was soo happy!). Then at around 230am most of the group went out to a club. Since my housemate wasn’t feeling well I came back to the apartment with her. But tonight is someone else’s birthday, so they invited me to join them for another party as long as I promised that I would go to the club after.

Since I am here for a language and cultural exchange program, I figured what better way to practice Spanish and learn about a ton of different cultures then to go partying with this group!

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